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    100% Recycled Plastic
    Customised Design
    Indoor/Outdoor PP Mats

best features

Highly Durable

Long Lasting Premium Quality Durable for Regular Use.

Economical prices

With Economical Price Which Suits Your Budget.

Light weight

Easy to Carry For Outdoor/Indoor Floor Covering.

Superior dust resistance

Quality Provided is Superior Dust Resistance.

Soft & Comfortable

Our mats are designed such that they are extremely comfortable & soft.

Customised Color

Plastic Mats are available in a variety of colors, sizes and specifications.


PP Mats are lightweight, so you can easily roll & carry from one place to another.


Our mats are visually appealing and leave a lasting impact upon the viewer.

Top Quality

Our Mats are developed in modern technology equipment.

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About Us

  • Small Shop, offer a range of highly durable mats in the widest array of colors, shades, patterns and textures. Since we use high quality polypropylene, the finished products remain unparalleled in terms of quality and performance.

  • Our range of products include beach mats, recycled floor mats, P.P mats, and plastic mats. We also offer you an option to customize the mat according to your color, choice and requirement. For instance, if you wish to get a lightweight and dark colored mat, then you can mention the same while ordering. By giving your unique designing, our mats can be easily customised as per your requirement.

  • Our Study with material and technology used for manufacturing these mats ensures their long-life. The entire process of production of mats manufactured by us is processed using polypropylene with best in quality. Our manufactured mats are always well known for their enchanting designs, lightweight body, long lasting durable and seamless finish. These exceptional features have helped us grow and export our mats in various countries such as UAE, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the composition of the product?
The mats are woven from PP tubes and PP yarn.
2. What is the difference between mats made out of Virgin PP and Recycled PP?
Functionally, both qualities are identical. More colours can be made in virgin PP as compared to recycled PP. The colour consistency is also higher in virgin PP. Mats made out of recycled PP have a good eco appeal.
3. Can the tubes be made in any colour?
In the case of virgin PP, the colours can be matched to pretty much any shade in pantone. With recycled PP, this is not always possible.
4. How many colours can be there in a mat?s
A maximum of 4 colours is possible.
5. Can any design be made?
Any design except pictures and photos can be woven on to the mat.
6. Are these mats suitable for outdoor use?
These mats are great for the outdoors. The mats can be UV treated to prevent fading of colours and to prevent the plastic from disintegration from exposure to sunlight.